Use of Neuromarketing in Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertisements

Use of Neuromarketing in Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertisements

Neuromarketing studies are mostly used for examining the effectiveness of the advertisements. Our previous blog entry which was done by Ass Prof Pınar BACAKSIZ is already mentioned the tools involved in neuromarketing studies. Anyone who missed this entry can reach it by clicking here.

Among those which are mentioned by Ms Pınar BACAKSIZ, EEG and Eye Tracking tools and methods are the ones that mostly used for measuring the effectiveness of the advertisements. There are many academic studies which used both method simultaneously in measuring the effectiveness of advertisements. In this context, EEG helps in determining the changes that are occurring in our brains when we watch the advertisements. Eye tracking on the other hand, helps in determining our focus points on the screen when we are watching the advertisements. Accordingly, it can be said that by using both methods simultaneously, we can identify the changes in our emotions as well as identifying the focussed areas of the customers on the screen. For example, it is found in many studies that pleasurable videos activities our brain’s left side. In this perspective, if the right part of our brain gets activated more than the left side when we are watching the advertisement then, it can be said that advertisement is not perceived as a pleasurable. EEG provides this information by measuring the brain activity. Similarly, if the message which is willing to be given to the audience is placed at the right hand corner of the screen however, if the watcher is focusing on a image placed on a left hand corner then again, advertisement is not effective. This can be found by using Eye Tracking tools and techniques. By finding these results, the story of the advertisement can be changed and the images used in the screen can be reorganised. Accordingly, effectiveness of the advertisement can be increased.

Today, there are tools for EEG and Eye Tracking which are produced to be used by business organisations. These tools are not medically designed as they are used for commercial purposes. They are easy to use and user friendly as well as being publicly available. They are used in many business studies as well. A bunch sample of these tools can be found in the website of Mangold International. We are one of the official reseller of Mangold International and if you are interested in any of the products please contact us.

Author: Dr. (Can) Fatih Ölçekciler

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