Power of Neuromarketing

Power of Neuromarketing

In an era where balance of powers in marketing is rapidly changing in favour of customers, neurotic diagnosis instruments’ coming into use to examine customer behaviour has highly significant outcomes. In this way, researchers have started to quit costly and futile survey groups in which customers lie to us or tell what they think we want to hear. In addition; while it is very unlikely for even the most determined subject to properly express his/her critical subconscious motives, these instruments eliminate the problem of the subject’s high dependence on his/her reports. Moreover, emotional causes for customer preferences and decisions are very hard to detect through a survey. Considering the prejudice created by the impacts of marketing that customers are subject to, we cannot expect all consumers to know what the exact motive for their preferences is and to objectively describe the driving force that made them consume a certain product. It is much harder to understand children’s thoughts about a product and to define the best media instrument to attract their interest.

On the other hand, neuroscience instruments are free of all emotions, introspection or ego. The power of neuromarketing lies in its capability to reveal the subconscious, which traditional marketing techniques such as surveys are unable to discover. According to a number of marketing specialists, screening of the brain can show us even how excitement and enthusiasm can be triggered with the possibility of receiving a reward. In other words, there are ongoing discussions on this subject but it is accepted that neuromarketing has a high potential to decrease failures and boost achievements in marketing. In this regard, studies in the field of neuromarketing are very important.

Indeed, recent scientific developments are characterised with the increase in the implementation of different and multidisciplinary research techniques to find answers to various questions in a certain scientific area. In particular, the centre of attention is the boom in the use of neuroscientific methods, which are effective in understanding human behaviour in various contexts.

Author: Dr. Sinem Eyice Başev

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