Support Services

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In addition to neuromarketing certificate and diploma programmes and business consultancy services, we also offer support services to companies that need neuromarketing support and professionals who work on neuromarketing projects. Followings are some of our support services.

Handbook for neuromarketing analysis: We can provide you an easy to understand step by step guide for your specific analyses.

Neuromarketing analysis: We can provide a neuromarketing analysis for your all type of needs.

Reporting of your analysis: If you have carried out an analysis, we can convert it to a professional report.

Providing recommendations: If you have carried out an analysis and prepared your report, we can provide a list of recommendations based on your findings through our excellent professional team.

One-to-one neruomarketing sessions: We can provide a one-to-one neuromarketing sessions for you to obtain all the information you need in making analysis, reporting and recommendations.

Telephone support: We can provide you a phone support whenever you need. Please contact for subscription plans.

Collaborations:  We can collaborate with your marketing department to boost its productivity.

Renting of neuromarketing analysis tools: You can hire the neuromarketing analysis tools (EEG, Eye Tracking) to use them for your specific needs. 

Please contact us for full details.