Professional Training Services

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Neuroscience Ltd. provides accredited trainings and certification programs to private institutions around the world in two forms: e-learning and conventional classroom training. Cooperating with industry specialists and academicians, Neuroscience is self-assured that the courses they offer in several languages are the best in means of quality and content, thanks to their familiarity with training and professional development.

It is easy for Neuroscience Ltd. to create affordable custom training materials of all kinds (i.e. traditional classroom training, e-learning, academic materials, and self-study materials), designed specifically for your or your customer’s, or most importantly the learner’s needs, with the help of its education and training experts.

Since the quality and credibility of our programmes are certifiable, we can get independent accreditations for your training materials when necessary.

Below is a list of various areas, in which we are able to offer our services:

  • Management development
  • Human resources specialism programmes
  • Marketing strategies and developments
  • Management Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Information technology and its role in organisations
  • Use of neuroscience techniques in business
  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Project management
  • Process design and audit
  • Creative writing skills
  • Case study development

We have much more other professional training programs so please contact for further information.