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Certificate and Diploma Programs

We provide advanced international business certificate and diploma programs in neuromarketing with the collaboration of The International Management Development Association (IMDA). These certificate and diploma programmes designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the multinational environment and provide the skills needed to be competitive in today’s international marketplace.

In neuromarketing, we offer three course certificates and one course diplomas. While the course diplomas offer a broader perspective and greater in depth study, intuitions often find that the shorter and less expensive certificate is better suited for their specific needs. Therefore, we prepared the following list of certificates / diplomas that can be obtained by undertaken the courses:

  • Introduction to Neuromarketing – Beginner Certificate
  • Analysis in Neuromarketing – Analyst Certificate
    • Eye tracking
    • EGG
  • Reporting in Neuromarketing – Expert Certificate
    • Eye tracking – Expert Certificate
    • EGG – Expert Certificate

*A person who successfully undertakes all three above courses awarded for Neuromarketing Diploma

** Please contact for further information

Why should you take these courses?

Today’s employee market is highly competitive. These courses aim to prepare students and managers with the tools and knowledge necessary to compete in the employee marketplace. Having a neuromarketing certificate / diploma from a highly recognized international institution will strengthen your CV, help you to stand out from the crowd and lead you to better prospects in the future.

These courses will present a combination of multidisciplinary skills and abilities which will enable you to appreciate new marketing tools as well as understanding of the customers. Having this ability will be a key for entering any type of sector which deals with the customers.

These courses will enable you to study with a highly professional and dedicated team of international instructors from finest universities and colleges aorund the world. This will enable you to gain the opportunity to develop high quality reporting, presentation and analysis skills that will boost the chance of achieving better career position in the future.

These courses will not only stress the activities of the world’s multinational corporations but also present text, cases and lectures information relevant to the small and medium sized business that are now forced to compete in the global marketplace. Therefore, these courses are also suitable for the entrepreneurs in order for them to be successful in their business.

Why Us?

Our team comprises people who have over 30 years experience in marketing both academically and professionally – IMDA

Programmes, analysis and reports are prepared and designed within the control of internationally recognised Marketing Professors

Despite offering higher quality services compared to others, we offer competitive prices and design the programmes according to your specific needs

We are the only neuromarketing training provider which issues internationally recognised certificate and diploma

We are the only neuromarketing training provider which enables participants to experience neuromarketing tools and machines during the training