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Despite what prospects tell you, customers make almost all buying decisions emotionally, not rationally.

Leslie Hart, Journalist New York

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is an emerging field that bridges the study of consumer behaviour with neuroscience which uses brain scans to unlock the subconscious thoughts, feelings and desires that drive purchasing decisions.

Since when it emerged in 2002; the field has gained rapid credibility and adoption among advertising and marketing professionals. Conventional methods for testing and predicting the effectiveness of those investments have generally failed because they depend on consumers’ willingness and competency to describe how they feel when they are exposed to an advertisement. However, Neuromarketing offers cutting edge methods for directly probing minds without requiring demanding cognitive or conscious participation.

What Neuromarketing Offers?

In general, there are 4 areas in which the neuromarketing can help companies:

Measuring the Impacts of Advertisements

The feeling that advertising agencies want to create with advertisements, such as excitement, passion, hostility, humour, interest, etc. can be matched to an approximate region of the brain where these concepts are processed. If the selected region of the brain remains unresponsive to the advertising impulse, it becomes clear that the mentioned advertisement cannot pass this critical measure. On the contrary, if the impulse given triggers a measurable organic change in the determined region, it means that a successful pairing could have been done. This helps advertisers to deliver their messages in a better way and allow them to learn whether an advertisement created by them work or not.


Measuring the Product Attraction

Product designers often attempt to design the product that will best apply to their target groups by using deliberately created consumer preferences. In such cases, consumers are often under the influence of normative expectations and social influences. Consumers, however, exhibit many unconscious behaviours beyond traditional techniques based on internal observation. However, it is more likely to get original, unbiased, and internal reactions by using brain imaging devices. Neuro analysis is introduced at this point to ensure that right products are delivered to customers.

Logo/Brand Selection

When a logo of a brand is shown to the customer, there is an increase in the over-oxygenated blood in the middle prefrontal cortex of the brain. Over-oxygenated blood has different magnetic properties than oxygen-reduced blood. The differences between neuromarketing tracking and testing images allow the people interpreting the image to make predictions about seeing the brand logo and the movement in the affected area of ​​the brain. In this case, the middle prefrontal cortex of the brain was activated during seeing the brand, indicating that it is personality. Apparently, when the brain sees a brand or logo, it evaluates whether it has a personal interest or an importance. The higher the movement in the brain, the more personality the person has. The effectiveness of the brand can be increased by working on the logo or brands that personalization is not experienced.


Selection of Mass Media in Marketing

As a result of neuroanalysis, it is possible to discover consumers’ emotional and cultural connections with brands and mass media and their specific types. Thus, it becomes possible to communicate with the customers in the most effective manner by selecting the most effective mass media.

What we do?

We provide Neuromarketing analysis and reports to the companies in the following areas:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of all types of advertising campaigns and tools (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Leaflets, Google Ads) and providing solutions based on the findings
  • Measuring the effectiveness of company website and social media pages and providing solutions based on the findings
  • Measuring the logo and brand name performance and providing solutions based on the findings
  • Providing shopper marketing analysis to improve the store layout and design
  • Analysing customers’ perceptions towards the product and services offered by your company and providing solutions based on the findings
  • Analysing the needs of customers (based on your offerings) and providing solutions in order for your company to offer new products and services which match the customers’ needs
  • Training of employees in neuromarketing so that you can do your own studies
  • Supporting your neuromarketing needs – Rent of tools and machines, telephone support, email support, reporting