The New Multidisciplinary Field in Business and Management – Neuroscience

The New Multidisciplinary Field in Business and Management – Neuroscience

Organisational behaviour is the field which is a part of the management and organization science and has an important role in building overall organization culture. The actual focus of the organisational behaviour is to find out the relationship between the individuals and the group of employees and effectiveness of these relations in terms of the productivity. Considering that the subject mainly involves the relationship within the organizations, psychology is the main scientific field which helps organizational behaviour.

In fact, psychology is the field which significantly helps management science in terms of identifying how people act, behave and communicate with each other as well as finding solutions to make them perform better by enabling people to have better psychology in their work places. Most of the training programmes and learning styles are prepared and managed based on the psychological factors. However, today’s main management question is whether those programmes really effective or not? The new field, neuroscience helps companies to identify the effectiveness of these training and development activities by enabling companies to assess the results through scientific methods (i.e. EEG). Volvo and British Telecom are the two companies among many others that use neuroscience in assessing their training and development programmes’ effectiveness.

Author: Asst. Prof. Dr. Seray TOKSÖZ

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