Neuroscience Studies in Human Resources Management

Neuroscience Studies in Human Resources Management

We have already mentioned that studies based on neuroscience are not only focusing in the marketing field but also focusing on the economy, human resources and etc. This makes neuroscience a multidiscipline subject which works with many business and management fields. In fact, recently, studies related to human resources increased in numbers and almost reached to similar numbers with the studies on marketing. It is because, as it helps in understanding our customers, techniques used in neuroscience also help us to understand our employees.

Specifically, employees hide their views on employee satisfaction surveys and/or 360 degrees performance reviews. The main reason behind this is related to the fear of losing their jobs. In fact, many employees think that those surveys are the tricks of the managements and they are willing to identify who to fire next through those surveys. Therefore, rather than making complaints through those surveys, they mostly prefer supporting the management. As an instance, employees may not be satisfied with the air-conditioning in their workplaces and/or the noise levels in where they work. Despite this, they may manipulate the answer they give in employee satisfaction surveys and therefore, management may not understand the fact that air-conditions and noise levels are the ones that decrease employee satisfaction and performance. Similarly, because they believe that their managers will review their answers in 360 degrees performance reviews, employees may say that they are happy with their managers even though they are not. In this case, the company cannot point out the managers who are not performing well.

These situations mostly happen in countries where the unemployment rate is high and difficult to find a new job. Because of this, employee surveys do not provide the real facts and thus organisations cannot work on to improve their selves. However, just as it is useful in understanding customers, neuroscience techniques can be used to understand our employees in better way and thus helps organisations to improve themselves. Indeed, neuroscience studies can overcome this and can significantly help companies. Through using these techniques, real level of employee satisfaction, real performance effectors and underperforming managers can be identified easily.

Author: Dr. (Can) Fatih Ölçekciler

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