International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board 2017-03-22T14:41:42+00:00

Neuroscience Ltd. is guided and supported by IAB, a community of national and international academics, company managers, and decision makers of both public and private sectors.

The experience and expertise of our IAB members exhibit our passion of providing a world-class and inspiring experience to students and professionals alike, our bonds with public and private sectors, and our international desires.

All IAB members are experienced on various industries, international markets, and functional disciplines; alongside their passion about management education and Neuroscience.

Board members provide support to the projects and initiatives of Neuroscience Faculty voluntarily.

The role of IAB is:

  • Providing independent external advice, through its board meetings and engagement with projects and new initiatives.
  • Assisting in developing corporate and institutional relationships internationally.
  • Helping to increase contributions of practitioners into research and learning and teaching, including direct contact with our academic staff.
  • Acting as a sounding board for new ideas and developments
  • Assisting the Executive Team to build and deliver cases for institutional change where these are required

The Board meetings are held four times a year face to face and on an as-needed basis by teleconference. Advisory Board members are kept informed about Neuroscience events through emails.