Affiliations and Partnerships

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The International Management Development Association

The International Management Development Association (IMDA), founded in 1987, is an internationally recognized professional organization with the objective of providing an interdisciplinary and global platform for the exchange of ideas in the pursuit of professional growth and opportunities for academics, practitioners, and public policy makers at all levels.

Management scholars, researchers, business practitioners and public policy makers represent the wide variety of disciplines, sectors, and industries from five continents that make up the membership. The IMDA, through its combined international membership, is developing advanced international business certificate and diploma programs. These are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the multinational environment and provide the skills needed to be competitive in today’s international marketplace.

Collaboration with Universities Worldwide

The IMDA, in keeping with it’s mission to develop management talent internationally, has undertaken the development of a series of certificate and diploma programs which are focused on assisting organizations and universities with their management training needs.

The concept of the IMDA certificate or diploma is to augment the resources of organizations as well as colleges and universities worldwide with the expertise and resources of the International Management Development Association. The IMDA partners with educational institutions and private educational training companies to provide management at universities worldwide and at international core sites.

The certificates and diplomas are cooperatively taught by IMDA members and host university faculty selected worldwide for their expertise in international business, their reputation for teaching excellence and their specific national knowledge.

Okan University

Okan University was established by Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation in 1999, and opened its doors to students at the academic year of 2003-2004. The University is amongst the youngest and most dynamic universities of Turkey and considered as one of the fast-growing institutions of the country. It currently has 63 undergraduate, 41 master and 13 Ph.D. programs under eight faculties, two vocational schools and three graduate schools, has moved to the new and modern Akfırat campus in the academic year of 2006-2007.

Staying loyal to its motto, “The University Closest to Business Life,” Okan University combines theory and practice successfully with its academic staff of experts, contemporary education system, and practical studies for preparing the students to professional life. In fact, all first graduates of the university, who received their diplomas at the end of 2006-2007, are employed.

Işık University

Işık University is considered as one of the well established universities in Turkey. In fact, since its founding in 1996, the university has strengthened and today serves through 5 Faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, two Vocational Schools with 21 associate degree programs, Graduate Institutes in Social Sciences and Applied Sciences, a School of Foreign Languages, and a Centre for Continuing Education.

Işık University is a part of the Feyziye Schools Foundation which has a 131 years of experience in the education sector. With its strong faculty membership and proactive administration the mission of the university is to provide “GOOD” individuals who have vision and conviction to the academic and business world.

Işık University operates through two campuses – Şile and Maslak – both set near the modern city life as well as in a natural environment. Şile campus has 490,000 square meters educational field with modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and athletic facilities, and an art gallery.