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Our Team

We are a group of experts at our fields and believe we have the best mix of people in Neuromarketing. Please click learn more to meet our team.



Neuroscience Ltd. is headquartered in the UK and operates internationally. For our office locations and communication details please click learn more.



We have a number of affiliations and partnerships around the world. Please click learn more for details.


Press and Publications

Our colleagues have number of published books and articles. Please click learn more to review these publications.



Our customers

Our customers are the most important value of us. Within this context, it is our fundamental working principle to offer products and services that exactly meet the needs of our customers. Accordingly we always redesign our products and services to meet their changing needs.

Our team

We have a very professional and experienced team in their fields who have carried out academic studies in almost every part of the world, have worked in multicultural companies and have always put quality upfront in what they do.


We have an understanding that training and quality should be combined to be successful in the business world. We prepare and offer our company’s products and services according to this understanding. In this context, ensuring the continuity and sustainability of quality is one of our most fundamental values. At this point, we are continuously developing our team and follow latest international conferences and seminars and new developments in the field to reorganise our services in order to better serve our customers.


Commercially available neuromarketing analysis tools such as EPOC Emotiv and SMI are providing very successful results. Being able to use these tools gives differentiation and recognition in the sector.

Çisem Özdemir, Computer Engineer / Corporate Sales Representative

Importance of the research on neuromarketing increases not only in the world but also in Turkey. Accordingly, brands or firms which start using neuromarketing earlier compared to their rivals will clearly get a significant competitive advantage.

Ali Eren Balıkel, Entrepreneur

Thousands of graduates try to differentiate themselves in their CVs through joining certificate programmes. Young professionals can think out of the box and take neuromarketing courses in order to develop and differentiate themselves. By doing this, they can, not only develop their skills and knowledge but can also add value to their future employers. People who will be among the first representatives of neuromarketing in Turkey will be highly successful in their careers.

İrem Bursalıoğlu, Co-founder / Managing Partner

Understanding neuromarketing principles and concept increase the productivity of the sales. In fact, by using neuromarketing, we became able to form better marketing strategies and improved our persuasion skills.

Mustafa Özer, Acquisition Manager

Neuroscience researches are the ones that most effective way of understanding the customers’ preferences and to develop a new product which meets those preferences. In this context, Neuromarketing experts are the need of all types of industries.

Yasemin Aldemir, Managing Partner

Neuromarketing can be recommended for people who are experts in the fields rather than the people who are willing to do a bit of everything. Specifically recommended for students or graduates of business and management, marketing and communication degrees…

Seray Toksöz, Assistant Professor

Neuroscience is a very broad field which can be used in marketing, human resources, psychology, sociology etc. Therefore, it is clear that a person whose CV includes a certificate or an experience in neuroscience will make a difference among others when he/she look for a job.

İrem Bayram, Human Resource Specialist

We are formulating better strategies to be used in sales and marketing through the information we obtained from neuromarketing practices.

Ali Mert Karaköy, Brand Manager

Without a doubt, neuroscience will take an important role in future marketing strategies.

Gülüşan Dağhan, Finance Manager

Unrevealed needs and wants of the customers’ can be understood by using neuroscience.

Murat Dağhan, Process and Coordination Manager